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Archive for June 2018

Pre Fourth of July To-Dos That Don’t Disappoint

Story by Ashley Alt Since the fourth of July is smack in the middle of the workweek, we are giving you some pre July 4th activities to gear you up for America’s birthday. From pageants to films to festivals, this weekend contains all of those summer vibes we love. Here are five events happening this…

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Top Places to Dine in Northern Kentucky

Story by Ashley Alt June 20, 2018 When you think of Kentucky, you probably think horses, bourbon, Bluegrass music and college basketball. And you would be correct. However, what you probably don’t know about the grand horse-racing and bourbon-brewing state is that it is an upcoming culinary destination. In fact, Bravo’s Top Chef will be…

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Flicks, Films & Feasts To Beat The Heat

Story by Ashley Alt It is going to be a HOT one this weekend, folks. So we’re giving you both air-conditioned and evening to-dos for the days ahead. The theme this weekend in Lex has everything to do with appreciating the arts, more specifically movies and plays. And among the anticipated theatrical weekend, we also…

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Music, Wine, Rinse, Repeat

Story by Ashley Alt Rose all day, anyone? This hot summer weekend calls for chill-out activities reminiscent of the good old days that we know summer best by –where lounging for hours on end is acceptable simply because of the change in season. And we are on on board with that. Below are a handful…

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Kickoff To The Official First Month of Summer!

Story by Ashley Alt Happy first weekend of June, Lexington ladies and gents! Warm weather is finally here to stay, which means…three-day weekends, patio season, grilled everything and sunshine for the next three months. We hope you had a nice short workweek, as it’s already time to give you the roundup of what to expect…

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